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LIfe is not so much a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.

Fears diminish as skills improve.

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.

Convince others into your specific course of action tactfully.

Don't count the days, make each day count.

Articulate a vision that defines success, then establish the stratgegy and tactics that support action setups towards that vision.

Chance favors only the prepared mind.

A good idea can inspire a good commercial, but a great insight can fuel a thousand ideas.

Uncomfortable feelings are messages that tell me to "perk up" and "lean into a situation" when I'd rather cave-in or back away.

By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.

There are three types of executives: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.

You always want to be in a positive position to be significant...and...be in a place where you can help make change.

Think and act with integrity, then challenge conventional and irrational thinking.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Attack the problem, not the person

Remember, effective execution is mainly a matter of experience, so see things from a larger perspective.

Anxiety is the great enemy of intelligence, development and success.

To successfully manage all the complexities and risk involved in today's business, you need collaboration.

Kindness has an extraordinary power that calls forth the best in people.

Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

You need not be confrontational to get a point across.